Erica Schmitz

11 Days at Camp

Erica Schmitz
11 Days at Camp

For the past 11 days, my social media and technology use was thrown out the window. I am physically drained, though my heart is full and I am happy. 

For me, camp was an opportunity to take a break and have fun while growing closer to God. This included daily dance parties…

fellowship with friends

and time in the word.

Without the connection to the digital world (that includes internet, TV, iPods and phones) we were left to make our own fun (FOR 11 DAYS). We resorted to impromptu dance parties, card games, and just enjoying each others company. One of my favorite things about camp is, you can walk into the lobby of the building and everyone is there.

Something different about camp, is that all the worship sets are stripped down to only necessities. Since everything is set up in a new location and everything has to fit in a van, it is only what we absolutely need.

Middle School Camp Playlist | High School Camp Playlist

I also got the opportunity to work with Jacob Shipley and Mitchell Neth on the camp videos! If you would like to check them out, here they are:

High School Camp Videos | Middle School Camp Videos

Now I as I have returned home after taking a day of sabbath to physically , mentally and spiritually be able to return back to my normal routine with a different mindset I strive to let go every once in a while, to keep my faith anchored in Christ.