Erica Schmitz

Full Heart

Erica Schmitz
Full Heart

The past week has been different in comparison to other “last weeks of summer”. This time, I am not trying to get every last drop out of summer instead this year I have a full heart and happy soul. This summer made me remember the amazing group of friends I have.


This summer included hammocking, 11 Days at Camp

hiking my first mountain,

white water rafting,


attending multiple worship nights, and even hosting one.

I challenged myself to learn manual mode on my camera and took my camera with me everywhere.

I also decided to run a half marathon to raise money for Team World Vision, so I have been participating in training. If you would like to donate, click here.

Lastly, taking the time to try new things and time for the little things.

This has been a successful summer, and I can’t wait for my last year of high school.